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One thing we've learned at BUGMAN Educational Entoprises is that kids love BUGS! They love to see them. They love to read about them. They love to write stories about them. They love to write poems about them. They love to draw pictures of them. They just love 'em!!

Well, here's your big chance! If you have cool stories, poems, or drawings of or about BUGS, send them to the Kid's Pages. We will post them every week or two, and you get the full credit you deserve for your awesome effort!

You can use the form on the next page by clicking here or below - send your cool BUG-Stuff!

If you haven't caught up with the New Millennium yet, you might want to send your BUGMAN Kid's Pages submissions in "classic mail." We'll scan it for you. 

Here's where to send it:           

BUGMAN Educational Entoprises
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2815 Avati Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43207

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