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We are pleased to announce our newest initiative for bringing the BUGS to every school we can!

Now you can have a whole school day full of BUGS for only $500.

What do we do on a BUG day? Whatever you want us to.

star Individual classrooms star
We can arrange a visit to classrooms at a particular grade level or with particular teachers and present our Joy of BUGS! Programs. Generally, this will include up to six one-hour programs in different classes (up to 30 students), dependent on the school schedule.
- Regular price: 5 classrooms ... $120/class (after 20% discount) = $600
- Savings: $100

star Auditorium presentations star
These larger audience programs include our original, live-narrated BUG Videos. Your students will see amazing BUGS and BUG behaviors we could never show them in person and learn about what we’re watching through fun, funny and memorable stories by our BUG-People.
- Regular price: 4 Auditorium Presentations @ $160/program (after 20% discount) = $640
- Savings: $140

star Festival- type table set-ups star
Our Observation Station set-up includes amazing BUGS in custom enclosures with interesting and informative signage. This presentation is designed for festival type events when students (and their families, perhaps) have other activities and demonstrations to attend and can visit our table for as long or as short as they wish. Some stop by for a few minutes, others stay for hours!

star Outdoor interpretations star
We can present modified versions of BUGMANIA!, our outdoor BUG experience to accommodate your school grounds. If you have a nice garden, we can help your students appreciate and understand it in new ways. If you have a nice, natural area close to your school grounds, we can lead a natural history exploration to introduce them to their natural neighbors. And if you only have a playground and parking lot, we know lots of ‘games’ and other ways to explore the natural world living there (there are always ants!)

Our knowledgeable BUG-People and versatile curriculums will challenge any students from kindergarten through collegiate classes! We will assess our audiences and adjust our subject matter to the grade/standards appropriate level. Or you can dictate the topics we cover. Some of the topics we have presented (not an exhaustive list) include:

star The Green BUG Lessons - what we can learn from BUGS about living on Earth
             Cross-curriculum, Any grade level
Seasonal Cycles of Ohio BUGS (and their neighbors)
             2nd grade Standard
star Sacred BUGS of Ancient Egypt
             goes well with Museum of Art and COSI exhibits
star Classification of BUGS and Things
             3rd grade Standard
star Your Small Neighbors and Visitors
             emphasizes respectful interactions focused on local wildlife
star Cooking with BUGS!
             a HUGE hit! Builds cultural and agricultural awareness
star Habitats and Adaptations
             K, 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, Middle & High School Standards
star BUGS and Real Science
             how to "do" Science - great in support of Science Fairs

starstar MIX-n-MATCH! starstar

Do what you want with us and the BUGS!

We will work with you to maximize your
investment toward the enrichment of your students!

star Call today to set up your school’s BIG-BUG DAY!! star