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We’re bringing BUGS to the biggest Egyptian Year in Ohio history!

The Columbus Museum of Art and COSI teamed local libraries and businesses to bring an incredible Ancient Egyptian experience to Columbus this Summer.

But no one is talking about the Egyptian BUGS - except BUGMAN!

In our “Sacred BUGS of Ancient Egypt Program” you and your friends will learn about the sacred, mysterious Arthropods found throughout ancient Egyptian society and lore. mummy P.R.

Beetles, bees, grasshoppers and even scorpions and centipedes all held special meaning and importance to these spiritual and religious people. Did you know that one origin of mummification is thought to have resulted from observations of underground beetle metamorphosis and ‘regeneration’?!

This cross-disciplinary, educational program presents the BUG side of Ancient Egypt.with live Arthropods and artifiacts reminiscent of Egyptian culture, coupled with cool facts and stories to round out your understanding about the lives of these ancient people. Did you know that Moses and King Tut lived at almost the same time in almost the same place?!

Plus, this cool program is delivered with the fun, one-of-a-kind BUGMAN style that creates lasting, memorable and entertaining BUG experiences.

Mention this web page and each participant will get a nice scorpion sting – or an Egyptian BUG Bookmark!


Great for schools and libraires!


Program Details here


In his own nest a beetle is a sultan.
Egyptian Proverb

Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion. [… and the butterfly – BUGMAN addon!]
Egyptian Proverb

For the benefit of the flowers, we water the thorns, too.
Egyptian Proverb