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What we can learn from BUGS about living better on Earth!


BUGS have had thousands of years to solve many of the problems of survival that humans are still struggling with. We can learn a lot from them! This program focuses on some solutions for energy efficiency and non-destructive use of resources that can be found in the Arthropod world.

Topics included in this program range from light energy and temperature regulation to recycling and composting. Here are some highlights of how BUGS can help:

  • Fireflies produce a chemical light that is almost completely efficient - very little heat
  • Many Insects such as butterflies and dragonflies adjust their bodies after landing to get the most out of the Sun's heat
  • The relationship between light and energy is demonstrated by the fluorescence of Ultra-violet light off of a scorpion
  • Scavengers, especially Dung Beetles, demonstrate the value of recycling in Nature

The Green BUG Lessons is not strictly a Life Sciences program. We cover interesting examples from Physics, Thermodynamics, Chemistry and other related fields. BUGS are multi-disciplinary!

Our mascot, P.R. Mantis is particularly fond of this program since he is a Green BUG himself! Get your students greener today!


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Albert Einstein

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An apology.

Alan M. Eddison

Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites. 
William Ruckelshaus, Business Week, 18 June 1990