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schoolInquiring Into the World with BUGS!
How to question like a Scientist
& Learning STEM Skills from BUGS!

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In these classroom programs, we focus on Questioning Skills.

We use selected living Arthropods and conduct a respectful Live BUG Observation.
Students develop a list of Questions about the BUGS which we then evaluate as being more or less useful to a scientist.

  • Great as an Introduction to Scientific Theory and the Scientific Method
  • Engaged students have fun investigating the BUGS
  • Useful as lead-in to experimental design activites and Science Fairs
  • Teachers gain insights into using live animals effectively in the classroom
  • Promotes critical thinking and taking a second look
  • Many, many extension opportunities

Supports STEM Curriculums and State Education Standards in Scientific Ways of Knowing

Start your students off on the right track in their STEM Education. Asking useful questions is at the foundation of Scientific Inquiry. The emphasis of most STEM content is on Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Sciences. You can take this great opportunity to bring Life into your STEM curriculum.

Students will be excitedly engaged in this inquiry activity (more like way way into it!) and will understand some of the sensibilities of developing ideas for experiments. As you progress through your STEM curriculum, you will be able to build on this experience to help your students further appreciate the value of asking Useful Questions.

This program contains content that can be adapted to any grade level from elementary school through college. We have used the main activity "O-R-E Observing and Brainstorming" in numerous teacher workshops and most recently with 6th graders in Reynoldsburg (OH) who are embarking on a STEM curriculum in their science classes. It's a memorable experience every time!


Program Details here


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