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BUGMAN Education

The Summer of Science at the Library 2014
Special Live Animal & Video Family Program

[again – look – the study of]
The Study of Looking Again

Science is not a collection of facts accumulated over time. Well, it is that, but science is mostly about exploration. Science is asking and answering questions.

Science is looking again.

And when you look again, you see the cool stuff!

RE-SPECT-OLOGY -- The Study of Looking Again brings the cool stuff right into your library with original video and live BUGS! (Don’t push, everyone will get a chance!) This presentation also reveals the actual workings of science and the way it is done.

ted Mark Berman, educator, bug scientist and founder of BUGMAN Education (www.BUGS.org), shares stories and lessons he learned as a student, researcher and explorer in Hawaii, Florida, the mountains in California, the Tennessee Smokies and more – even some from Ohio! Berman’s research on White Monarch Butterflies in Hawaii was published with Dr. John Stimson in the journal Ecology. To Mark, this was learning how science is really done. He shares these insights of the typically rote “scientific method” with stories that come to life with Berman’s animated style and original BUG videos!

This, large audience, Family program is ideal for Summer Reading Club kickoff events or grand finales, too! But anywhere you can schedule it, this program will be a hit for the Summer of Science at the Library! The BUGS always pack ‘em in!


Program Title:  RE-SPECT-OLOGY – The Study of Looking Again


Part 1: 40-50 min. live-narrated video presentation (captive audience)
Part 2: 30 min. (est. open-ended) Observation Table session
Total scheduled time – 90 Minutes

Audience Size: Limited by venue facilities (as many as you can fit!)library 1

Fee:    $300 (plus travel fees outside of the greater Columbus, Ohio)

Equipment requested:

- Two tables for Observation setup
- Access to electricity
- AV equipment – projector/screen/audio
  (40” flatscreen available upon request – effective for ~50 people)
- Lots of people!